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ETA Peanut Butter. Australian Vintage Advertisement poster by James Northfield

Product Code: S-555
Condition: New
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Poster advertising ETA brand Peanut Butter. The artist has particularly appealed to children by the way he has illustrated this tasty, satisfying spread for toast. James Northfield 1887 - 1973  was born at Inverleigh in Victoria in 1887 and educated in Geelong. He served his apprenticeship in Geelong and Melbourne, had a studio in the Melbourne city for 25 years, and was a Director of the Art Training Institute of Victoria.

This is truly an outstanding quality poster. It is printed on Fuji crystal archive photographic paper and is by no means a flimsy poster.

Width 50cm, Height 70cm
Width 70cm, Height 100cm
These poster sizes will fit many popular frames that can be purchased in framers and shops such as Ikea.
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