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Vintage Japanese poster - Jorogumo "prostitute spider"

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Apparition of the Spider Princess Depicting Tsuchigumo (top right) Woodlock print by Yoshitoshi, 1887.
Japanese mythological spider figure is the Jorogumo ("prostitute spider") which is portrayed as being able to transform into a seductive woman. In some instances, the Jorōgumo attempts to seduce and perhaps marry passing samurai. In other instances she is venerated as a goddess dwelling in the Joren Falls who saves people from drowning. Her name also refers to a golden orb-spider species Nephila clavata (Jorō-gumo, or Jorō spider).

This poster is printed using only genuine inks on premium heavy weight photo paper with a satin finish. A truly quality poster that will look stunning when framed and is sure to enhance any surrounding

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